Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and unsure where to post my question about this so I figured the "general," category. Here is what I am trying to do:

1) Create a login interface/system where I am able to create multiple logins for different users for a company I work for.

2) Once logged in these employees are going to view weekly documents on informative or safety documents. These documents will have some type of timer to prevent speeding through them.

3) The employees will submit or confirm in some way that they have read the document and it will be recorded in a log per user that they have read the current document for the week.

4) Every couple of days or week we will have a new document for the employees to read.

5) The forms can be in formats of .doc, .pdf, .xlsx, etc., or just a regular plain text.

This system will be entirely simple and nothing fancy is required as long as the information is passed along everyone and we have a record of who has read it.

My questions is, what would be the best route or types of languages to involve in something like this? I am a little familiar with most of the languages but not a guru that is why I am here to get some help from the real gurus. Thank you!