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Thread: Variable in link

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    Variable in link


    I was wondering if someone can help me? How can I pass a variable through a URL?
    I want to add the variable in the middle of a URL in the href tag.

    For example:
    <li><a href"images/file''+ variable +'.jpg"/></a></li>

    How is this done using JavaScript?
    I have created the variable but how do I add it to the href tag?

    Many thanks

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    Also forgot to add there's multiple links.

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    /* jquery */
    var variable =myimg;
    $("ul").append('<li><a href="images/file' + variable + ' ">' + variable + '</a></li>');

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    for multiple links
    for loop
    by index
    $("ul").append('<li><a href="images/file' + variable[i] + ' ">' + variable[i] + '</a></li>');

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    Hi Rajivkumar925 many thanks for replying.

    When I append the <li> script to the ul, another script of mine stops working.

    I was wondering if you can help me further?

    What I am trying to do is show the relevant image depending on what was clicked. (hence having a variable in the url)

    Is there a way where I can read what is in div "Box" and then show the relevant <ul id="menu"></ul>.

    So if the text in div "Box" = menu1 then <ul id="menu1"></ul> will display OR if div "Box" = menu2 then <ul id="menu2"></ul> will display (and hide menu1)

    The text in div "Box" will change when a user clicks an image.

    Hope this makes sense. Hope you can help!

    I thought having a variable in the url would be the best way but I couldn't get it to work; the value in div "Box" was the variable in the url.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
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