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Thread: Problem setting div height

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    Problem setting div height


    I have 3 inner <div>s nested in an outer div that is generated dynamically (so I don't know its height).

    Something like this...
    HTML Code:
    <div style='min-height:50px'>
      <div style='width:100%; height:33%'>
        some content
      <div style='width:100%; height:34%'>
        some content
      <div style='width:100%; height:33%'>
        some content
    I would have expected the in-line css (because of the way the rest of the page is generated, it needs to be in-line) to evevenly distribute the inner divs, but it doesn't.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
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    The outer div is going to have a minimum height of 50px. What the actual height of outer div is, if not set by CSS, will depend on the content contained in each inner div.

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