My company creates touch-screen medical education tutorials for hospital patients. This is accomplished with the now outdated Flash MX, creating graphics and animations alongside text with a side menu of chapters. However, Flash isn't compatible with the iPad or smartphones, so for those devices they've been rasterizing the Flash graphics into PNGs and apparently removing any animations, which are an often important part of the tutorial. They claim that we won't eliminate Flash entirely but that in the coming years we'll need to find a better secondary solution compatible with HTML5 on iPad and smartphones.

So far, it appears that Canvas might be an option. I'm also looking into SVGs, such as converting Flash animations into SVG and maybe creating our static graphics as SVGs in a vector-based program rather than Flash. A lot of options for HTML5-compatible animation require coding which sounds daunting to me, especially considering our staff is used to working in Flash; we'd likely prefer something similar to work with. If anyone has ideas, I'd greatly appreciate them. Some potential clients react poorly to the fact that our software is Flash-based, and it seems like our company is pussy-footing around a bit on what to do.