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Thread: seo and smo

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    seo and smo

    which is the best seo or smo for better keywords ranking ?

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    Smo is a part of seo. smo is used mainly for off page promotion. Whereas seo consists of both on page and off page.

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    SEO is you want to make money that is why you rank your site.
    SMO is you want to build a community like social network and first build authority. i think seo is best

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    SEO has a big concept and it has many method for site optimization like SMO,Link Building, Off-Page, On-Page, Black Hat, White Hat and many other. So SMO is a sub part of SEO and SEM.

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    One of the chief differences between SEO and SMO is that both strategies work for different results. Social media optimization is really helpful way to generate good traffic for your targeted website. However, search engine optimization is the best way to improve your website’s visibility in the search engine organic result pages.

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    SEO takes time but it gives long time benefit.. most of the businesses are taking help of SEO to promote their business as it get visitors from search engines and visitors from search engines are targeted visitors to your website or business.
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