Hi All,

I have a <div> based table in CSS nested inside another <div> table.

I can't seem to set the overflow:hidden attribute if there's a line of text in the cell. I know... you're asking "why would you want to?". It would take too long to explain, and it would also take too long to explain why I'm using in-line css. Suffice to say that in the former I want to, and the latter, because the page is generated dynamically, I need to.

The point is, it doesn't matter how high I set the div, it will revert to the height of the line of text.

I tried using
HTML Code:
<div style='display:table; table-layout:fixed; width:100%'>
  <div style='display:table-row'>
    <div style='display:table-cell; height:2px'>
      Some text
Of course, that doesn't even have the nested table and it still doesn't work.

Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong?