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Thread: [RESOLVED] JavaScript text slideshow - will it need anything else to be placed on the Web?

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    resolved [RESOLVED] JavaScript text slideshow - will it need anything else to be placed on the Web?

    There are several JavaScript text slideshows around, including this one. If I want to put a slideshow of that kind on my website, would I need to add anything else other than some basic HTML?

    Yes, there is a reason why I'm asking instead of just trying it. I'm quite inexperienced and I'm a lot older than you are and I'm just generally still full of dread every time I have to use an ftp program. Also, I'm worried that I do have to add something else and I'm dreading the failure that I'm probably going to run into. So I was hoping that someone here would be kind enough to just give me a hint and that failure a little less inevitable.

    So I was just wondering . . . will the program work as-is, or will something have to be added to it?

    Thank you in advance if you are the kind soul who will either offer me the necessary reassurance or the much-needed tip. . :-)

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    It's often been my experience that asking for help somehow knocks something loose and I'm suddenly able to answer my own question. This time it's a little more embarrassing than that. As soon as I posted and then checked out my own link, I saw that D'oh, the script works at that link, without anything more. Therefore it obviously works without more. On the whole, quite embarrassing!

    Here is a question, however, that I still don't know the answer to -- how does one edit one's own post? I'm sure it can be done but I haven't quite figured it out yet.

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    I believe there is a delay period from sign-up to automatic approval of posts.
    I'm not sure if it a time period or a number of posts period. Has been a long time since I first created an account.
    It appears you have only posted twice as of this time, so just be patient.
    Keep asking/answering on forum and sooner or later there will be an "Edit Post" button that will appear on your thread post.

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    Thank you for your reply, JMRKER. Much appreciated.

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