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Thread: Why should I have a website?

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    Why should I have a website?

    Hi Guys please excuse me for anything I might violate in this forum. This is actually my first time participating in a forum site.

    I am a businessman and the competition in my town is really high and a friend suggested that I should try running a website for my business. BTW, I am into nightclub business.

    I already approached some website developers I could find online and asked for the price of a website that fits my kind of business and was surprised to know that a site would range from $2000 to $4000 and some yearly recurring charges.

    I am asking here "Why should I have a website?" because I want to know if a website worth $2000 to $4000 really worth the price. How much can a website help my business with the competition.

    Thank you very much.

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    Okay.. I also had the same question. I found out that there are cheaper ways to start a website.
    First of all, I like spending some time on it myself. Secondly you can go to www.*****.com and find yourself a webdeveloper from Bangladesh.
    (With all the respect) they perform the job way cheaper.
    Good luck!

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    Hi marquise
    A few reasons to have a website for your business.

    It can attract potential visitors to your club.
    It can provide information to current customers.
    I like to view and compare products / facilities / opening times online. When I look for services I always look for a website and compare various businesses. If a business does not have a website, or it is poorly presented, this affects my view of that product / business.

    It can save you time and advertising costs.
    You can advertise special offers and events that are taking place at your club.
    This saves you advertising in local papers and doing mail shots. Update the site once (or use twitter / facebook) and all your customers can see it.

    As to cost this depends on what you want your site to do for you. An e-commerce site is generally more expensive. A site that is for informational purposes and which you might wish to update yourself can start from as little as 200. Ongoing Search Engine services will also cost but so does advertising and so does lost custom!

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