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Thread: How to organize my bussiness

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    How to organize my bussiness


    First, sorry if I'm posting into wrong section, but I didn't find a appropriated forum for my question, because it's business related, but about technologic use.

    I have about 6 people working with web programming (PHP) and about 4 people working with graphical design for web layouts/e-mail marketing or printed documents. I want to implement some agile and versioning system into my company, to solve some problems.

    My questions is:
    1. Is scrum a good method to implement with my company? I have worked with scrum for a software development on a company, but we know that web development time is smaller.
    2. There is any good know softwares to help with scrum method specially with WEB development?
    3. How do you guys maintain your development and released versions of sites or web apps? And how to auto deploy?
    4. What do you guys use to control your employees work?

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