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Thread: What is the Best practices of Email Marketing?

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    What is the Best practices of Email Marketing?

    Guys give me some useful tips or tricks regarding Email marketing or bulk email server how to get accurate result regarding mailing or increase mailing ratio....
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    I have suggested some of tips regarding E-Mail Marketing which are shown below,
    1.Leverage Your Thank You/Confirmation Email
    2.Send a Product/Service Feedback Email
    3.Recommend Educational Materials
    4.Get Active About Upselling and Cross-Selling
    5.Use Customer Buying Frequency to Anticipate Reconversions
    6.Send Exclusive Deals to Current Customers
    7.Use Group Deals or Referral Programs to Bring in New Leads

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    Email Marketing Best Practice Guide will help beginners and experts alike to understand, implement and execute email strategies to maximise return on investment in this complex channel.

    At nearly 150 pages in length, we believe it to be one of the most comprehensive documents of its kind.

    It will provide you with all the information you need to know about successfully setting up, running and reporting email campaigns. It is split into two distinct sections, Effectiveness and Efficiency which contain the following chapters:

    Aims and goal setting
    Segmentation and targeting
    Communications strategy
    Creative & copywriting
    Testing & optimization
    List quality
    Legal compliance
    Email deliverability
    Templates and renderability
    Email marketing management systems

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    A good sales email should practice all the email marketing best practices for subject lines, html design and contents.

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    I love all the ideas for email marketing. In my email blast I always remember to cross sell as a feature to get more interest per person to my site. Timing is important so cross selling included in my email marketing blast can carry great benefits. A cross selling product that would help benefit your business would be http://www.1and1.com/cross-selling-online-shophttp://www.1and1.com/cross-selling-online-shop. I have had multiple business owners tell me about marketing and cross selling. Let me know if anyone else has any advice on this topic.

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    Read the alphasandesh blog for useful tips and tricks. I sure that you learn best things from here.

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