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Thread: jQuery Mobile - How to set a global override for a default theme?

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    Exclamation jQuery Mobile - How to set a global override for a default theme?

    Ok, I'm getting some inheritance problems with the theme I'm trying to use for one of my projects and it's causing me a lot of frustration.

    I have theme "c" set everywhere, including the document body, the "page" div, the header/content/footer divs, and now it's still going to make me do it for listview and list-dividers too, so I want to just override absolutely everything and make all page elements automatically data-theme="c" unless otherwise specified.

    Is there some way to do this? Preferably a small-and-simple sort of way in which I only have to input it once, like a quick script in the "head" of the page with a variable of "defaultTheme" or something that will just repeat throughout everything that needs to be changed. -- That would be awesome.

    Any suggestions?
    (Thanks in advance!)

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