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Thread: Trying to launch first "website" one page isn't linking to the next one.

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    Trying to launch first "website" one page isn't linking to the next one.

    Hi everyone, I'm baffled. Site is http://johnscurry.com

    I've made (and am working on) a very basic html site that consists of buttons to take viewers to the other pages connected to each other.

    It's really ugly (i'm learning). I did the same thing for all my pages. It works on my local server, but not on the public servers(?) I use hostgator hosting. All the files are placed in the same folder on the public domain.

    everything works the same except that one section of the site says it's a 404 error and page is not found. It should work.

    I can't figure out why because I did everything the same, and it's such a simple site I would think i'd be able to spot my error... My site is http://johnscurry.com If you click on the button "College delivery project" then click on "student" you'll get the error. What did I do wrong???

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    The second page lacks an opening <html> tag, which is possibly the issue. And you should set method="get" in your <form> tags. There is no "link" method. All-in-all, you'll find this is easier if you learn the basics. Trial-and-error will just slow you down and often frustrate you. Just search on "html tutorial" and you'll find several to choose from. The nuts-and-bolts of HTML are relatively simple, so it won't be that long before you can build a functional site. Good luck!
    Rick Trethewey
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    i don't know about you problem but it can be from spelling of the file names (Student.html?) are you sure you file named Student.html
    maybe it's student.html it's about the S is it in small case?

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