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Thread: [RESOLVED] MySQLi fail - trying to INSERT

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    resolved [RESOLVED] MySQLi fail - trying to INSERT

    Ok, so I've pinpointed the problem to this spot:

    PHP Code:
    $query "INSERT INTO project(`id`, `name`, `summary`, `client_id`, `detail`, `link`, `scope`, `type`, `progress`, `status`)
    VALUES (NULL, 'Project Title', 'Summary of Project', '2', 'Details', NULL, 'Scope Example', 'project type', NULL, 1)"

    if ($result $mysqli->query($query)) {
    // Never gets to this spot...
    // This is what it gives me... every time
    echo("Error Message");

    I've tried a bunch of different display-a-specific-error-message things, but none of them show anything.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    See if this gives you any useful info:
    PHP Code:
    else {

    (Ultimately you'll want something that doesn't splash application/database info on the user's screen, but for now it should hopefully give you the needed info.)
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    That helped immensely! Apparently one of the values being passed (a 0 where it is anything from 0 to 100) was being passed as NULL, but "NULL" wasn't marked in the database, so I made it number_format($variable) and that did the trick. Thank you very much!

    An alternative solution would've been to change it to accept "NULL" in the database too, but I prefer it be stored as a number, so oh well -- and this is the only place it can be added or edited from, so if that's covered then there's really no harm in keeping it as it is.

    And now that it's fixed, I can clean it up and remove (or hide) the comment bits. I had a whole list of them with each step in the process, which is how I narrowed it down to which one was having a problem.

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