Need some help because i haven't done any programing in years and need to solve some small problem i've fixed before but i have no idea how i did it back then.

In mysql, i have a table where one column (set as date, also primary key) is prefilled with all dates of the year (standard yyyy-mm-dd format, also for many years because the php is based on the values existing already there, so no autofills).
Stupidly i have prefilled the column up to the end of 2013. Now i need to "refill" the column for at least 50 more years so i don't have to think about it for a while But i have idea how? I guess i have to first generate a column with all dates from 1 jan 2014 to X, then insert the values in the existing table/column.

Any help is highly appreciated! Any programing skills i've had are long long gone