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Thread: what should be format for industrial forum posting

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    what should be format for industrial forum posting

    hello friends

    i am now doing seo of a site

    it is related to upvc ball valve and cpvc ball valve.

    i want to do some forum postings of this site...

    i also have the list of industrial forum postings...
    but dont know how or what i should posting in these forums..

    so plz suggest me in this regards

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    Hi delsonindia,
    There are two methods to post in the Industrial Forum:

    1. Post new messages
    2. Reply to current messages

    Posting a new message starts a new conversation on a new topic. It is always best to post a new message and not a reply, if your message is not directly relevant to what you are reading.
    Try to use a descriptive title, your title should be simple it will help you hardly to gives insight into your message and many won't bother reading it.
    If you are registered you can also include a link in the space provided under the message. If you are not registered you must provide your email address
    Please do not cut and paste long pieces of text of other websites and please do not post the same message more than once in the forum.
    Messages cannot have "words" longer than 24 letters in them.

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