Hi I am doing a website for my father and had a question.

I have a basic understanding of html, php, css and javascript.

I am adding a track & trace functionality to his website, but he wants people to go to a login page if they haven't already signed in before they can access the track & trace option.

I have made my track & trace form to add to the website, its linked to the company's db that will store the data and its working fine.

How do I make the page check if the user is logged in and show the form and if not signed in send them to a login page?

Also once they login using this method, how will it show the track & trace form?

The website is hosted on godaddy if that helps. I will also need to make a subdomain page where my father can go and add people to the db that I will need to create on godaddy.

Sorry I know thats a lot of questions, but any help will be greatly appreciated. Also I do apologise if this is under the wrong page/heading.