I am having search option in my webpage. When user enters search key, I will check whether search key exists in DB or not, if exists I display the reults. Incase if there is no result, then I will display the mesg as "There are no videos matched with the keyword 'search key'".

I used below url for checking whether the page status is 200 or 404.

I checked the below 2 url in the above link,

1. http://telugu1.oneindia.in/videos/topic/trailer -> status as 200 (This page results exact output)
2. http://telugu1.oneindia.in/videos/topic/trailer1 -> status as 404 (Here it displays, "There are no videos matched with the keyword")

But content exisintng in 2 url, then y its showing as 404 in google webmaster and the above tools.seobook.com?

Please help me, I don't about this.

Thanks in advance.