Ok, so I've got a form I'm trying to make and it has sections that can be checked and if that section is checked, it needs to enable the checkboxes of the sub-items within that section.

I don't have any code to share yet because I'm still in the planning phase, but it will more or less look like this:

  • First Item
    • First Item's 1st sub-item
    • First Item's 2nd sub-item
  • Second Item
    • Second Item's 1st sub-item (*required)
    • Second Item's 2nd sub-item
    • Second Item's 3rd sub-item
  • Third Item
  • etc

Within that list, basically if "second item" gets checked, then the sub-items of "second item" would be enabled... but the 1st sub-item would also be checked by default and remain disabled because it is required when the second item is checked.

Does that kind of make sense? :/

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!