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    Unhappy Form Help

    Well I am a definite newb, and really don't do any developing at all. I am using a website builder and adding in some random html and some basic javascript.

    What I need to do:
    I need to code a form that allows a user to input their zip code AND based on their zip code
    be re-directed to a page based on a region that contains those zip codes. I have simply created about 15 region pages that each account for about ~7 zip codes.

    If I have to use lengthy code I will.

    I don't know anything on PHP or MySQL, and am trying to get around using databases.

    Any help with this would be great!

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    You will need to use PHP, but for a small amount of data like this you can avoid using a db by storing the zip codes in an array with one row for each region and 7 or so zip codes per row.

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    You have multiple options. It would be good to know what limited technical background you do have in order to make the best recommendation for you.

    You can solve this with either PHP or Javascript though. It's basically just going to be one long IF/ELSE IF statement where you check the entered Zip Code against the region zip codes and then redirect the user for the corresponding region.

    Are you relatively comfortable with Javascript/JQuery, or do you think you might as well pick up some PHP really quick?

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