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Thread: Need help with Real Estate Property searching on website

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    Need help with Real Estate Property searching on website

    I can create html pages and most graphics and other elements that go into that.... BUT I have a real estate agent looking to create a website and he wants the ability to do property searches...and his potential clients to do property searches like many of these main stream real estate companies do. HOW do they do that ? Is it just a "link" that takes them somewhere else (although appears to stay on his website) or what ? Can anyone help explain this in SIMPLE terms (so I can understand it).

    Maybe I can design the bulk of the design, and hire/find a super geek to do the search part.... Not sure where I would find the right person for that ?

    Thanks in Advance

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    I know a Property management company Birmingham who will definitely do work for you. There are many property management companies do such jobs. Just Google them if you can't find anywhere.

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