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Thread: What is the difference between Canonical tag and 301

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    What is the difference between Canonical tag and 301

    Hi friends
    Please help me to know about What is the difference between Canonical tag and 301?

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    301 is web page redirection. If you like to move your particular page, it is the safest option.
    Canonical URL is picking the best URL.
    For Example:
    Which one is the best URL to pick?

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    A 301 Redirect is a command that redirects users and the search engines to a particular page. A 301 Redirect can be employed if the content of a page has been permanently moved or if you have created multiple versions of a homepage and only want the users and search engines to see one version.

    The canonical tag is a Meta tag placed in the HTML header of a webpage. The tag, however, is not a redirect, so the users and search engines are not sent to another location, but a particular page is nominated for indexation with the search engines.

    Its main purpose is to keep duplicated content out of the search engine index while consolidating a sites authority and PageRank into one URL.

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    A 301 redirect is designed to help users and search engines find pieces of content that have moved to a new URL. Adding a 301 redirect means that the content of the page has permanently moved somewhere else.

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