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Thread: Need help tweaking a line of code

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    Need help tweaking a line of code

    Hi there, hope you all are doing well.

    I downloaded a firefox add-in from the VOIP hosting provider for my company. The function is it detects phone numbers in the browser and makes them clickable. Unfortunately this line of code makes it read numbers as (512)123-1234. What we need it to do is detect numbers as one solid block of 10 digits, like 5121231234. I have tried some changes to no avail. I believe this line of code that I paste below is responsible for determining what is detected from a webpage with it currently only detecting numbers like (512)123-1234. Does someone know what this line of code needs to be written as, or am I looking in the wrong spot? Thanks!

    var phone_number_regex_us = /(?:[^\&\*\=\/\\\%\#\$\w\+\-\.\,]|^)\s*(?:\+\s*1|1)?\s*[\(\-\.]?\s*(?:8[05678]{1}[0-9]{1}\s*[\)\-\.]?\s*[0-9a-zA-Z]{3}\s*[\-\.]?\s*[0-9a-zA-Z]{4}|[2-9]{1}[0-9]{2}\s*[\)\-\.]?\s*[0-9]{3}\s*[\-\.]?\s*[0-9]{4})/;

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    Hi bud
    The regex for ten digits in a row is:

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