hi guys, i have a problem and am really hoping for your help on this one.
i accepted a request to add a facebook login to a website. a little later i got some extra information- i need to build a whole user area with some forum extras and integrate this with an existing site. i tried phpbb, which turned out to be a pain in the arse because of my lack of knowledge about php overall and it was overall oh-so-wrong.
now i am working on vanilla open source software, which seems easy and fun this far, but.. this is still practically a forum and i need to create several subpages with specified access (for example some persons belong to a group and a club while others can't access the beforementioned content etc) and i'm stuck.
also, i know i can embed vanilla with a little script, but ideally the login part of the forum would be on the website's homepage. is it even possible?
should i hold on to vanilla?
is there anything else i can use for creating member area without having to lighten my wallet? (not sure if it is the right idiom/phrase, we're not dealing with a native speaker here)

i appreciate any kind of help i m m e n s e l y!