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Thread: PHP.ini | Blank white page Error

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    PHP.ini | Blank white page Error

    where to find php.ini file and how to update that file because when i open my site they show some C:/... path, also site is on wordpress that is also on PHP when i try to logged in they accept ID and PW but not show dashboard there is jua a blank white page.

    please help me out with all these, Thank you

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    First, do a "view source" of the blank page just to see if anything "interesting" did get output, but in such a way that the browser would not display it.

    If not, then you probably have a syntax somewhere, along with the PHP configuration display_errors set to false. If you use a decent editor with PHP syntax checking built into it (I use Komodo Edit, but there are many others), it should show you most syntax errors so that you can fix them before you even start testing.

    Next choice is to look in your PHP error log, and the last step (if we're talking about the live site) is to change your PHP configuration to turn display_errors on (generally not a good thing to do on a live site). To find out what php.ini file you are using and where the error_log is, just create a PHP file with the following:
    PHP Code:
    Open that page from your browser, and look under the "Loaded Configuration File" setting and the "error_log" setting (local value) to see what files are being used.
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