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Thread: Chicago Limo| My first website

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    Chicago Limo| My first website

    Hi Everyone,

    I just made my first website and need expert advise how to i improve my skills, Thanks

    Chicago Limo | Chicago Limousine

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    limo web site review

    I like the simple layout; however, the images you use are too large and download slowly (mainly your head image: limo-limousine.jpeg is over 300kb!). Speed is important factor these days.

    Also, on your fleet page, you use stock photos. Take a look at http://www.stretchlimochicago.com/ourfleet.htm and try to use actual photos of limos or cars.

    One more thing. Once I visited your facebook page, I found weird pictures of naked man/woman. Keep your facebook page professional with photos of your limos, weddings and proms you did in your limo and stay in touch with your facebook fans with exclusive facebook deals.

    Good luck in your journey to the top of chicago limo market.


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    Not bad at all for a first website. Good job.

    As mentioned, some image optimizations are in order. Also the main copy of the site needs some refinement for line-heights, padding, heading spacings..etc ..etc but i can see that is typical wordpress visual editor formatting issues.

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