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Thread: creating a playoff pick system

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    creating a playoff pick system

    I've only ever done some very basic HTML in high school, but I was wondering if there was an easy way to make something so that we could have people input their daily picks for the games of the day and have those picks editable until a certain time.

    Currently we have users email their picks and one person input all the picks onto the website, but this is extremely tedious. Ideally, we'd want to be able to have 8-10 people be able to input their daily picks or weekly picks and be able to edit it until the games occur and the series start. Is there a way to do this without also creating a login? How do we create the forms so that they someone can edit them and also have their pick saved to the website?

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    What you are talking about sounds as if it will almost certainly need a database behind it. If so it needs to be written in PHP with an SQL back-end and HTML/CSS code for the client. There is no necessity to have users log in, unless you develop with a toolkit that requires it for some reason.

    However, I suspect that you may have underestimated the problems that can arise through allowing multiple users to edit simultaneously. How do you intend to handle it if they make incompatible changes?
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