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Thread: Review my travel site

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    Review my travel site

    Hi guys,

    I'd love to get feedback in terms of the appearance and design of my website.

    It's a theme I've customized and using wordpress as my platform.



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    My first impression is that the fist page seems to "crowded".
    In the rest it's ok.
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    Well I really like the colors. One thing i did notice was the embedded youtube video and the hotel add just below that float over top of all the little social media buttons when you scroll past. Those little icons also cover a scroll bar towards the top of the page for some element that you had. Anyways good job and keep it up, just wanted to let you know about those two small issues i found.
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    How do you post new threads here? I am from Bhutan and do not have much IT help here. Please can anyone review my site
    http://www.bhutanrebirth.com/ and give me some advice?


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    congratulations, it looks real good besides the information bar on top right- the font and style are offending the eye a bit.

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    The web site look nice and clean to me. Vacation style but that's the goal I guess. Good job.

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    Logo punching

    Hope youre doing good.
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    Waiting for a positive reply.


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