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Thread: How to go to specific page?

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    How to go to specific page?

    I'm browsing through this website, looking for a podcast about 9 months ago. The page has "next" and "previous" button, and when clicked, it goes through pages without changing web address or opening a new page. When i hover over the button, it says "javascript:void(0)" for both buttons. What this means is that there are over 300 pages total, and i have to click maybe 200 pages to get close to what i'm looking for. This is driving me crazy!! I tried Google with site address, but it doesn't show anything.

    Is there a way to go to a specific page using JavaScript? For example, since the website i mentioned has 300 pages and more, so go to maybe "255/300" or something like that.

    Any response will be greatly appreciated!!

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    You must ask the webmaster of the site. This may be voluntary ....

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    letting the users freely click both buttons looks like the webmaster's cowardice because he could easily make only "forward" plus cycled navigation... bet he's a very tough man
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    Long story short, i found a trick to "skip to specific page".

    My thread started from my assumption that, when you hover the button, it displays "javascript:void(0)". And in terms of my HTML world's logic, you usually copy & paste the displaying link on the address bar, and it will take you to the link's destination. I just thought i can copy & paste "javascript:void(0)" at the end of address bar, for example,

    webdev.com/page=1 => webdev.com/page=1=javascript:void(0) OR webdev.com/page=1=javascript:void(253)

    to go to specific page number.

    I guess JavaScript doesn't work like that. Hmm, does anybody know any program, like a developer's tool, that i can manually input page number when i browse through JavaScript website?

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    javascript:void in the href attribute of a link basically means the link does nothing when clicked, except triggering a javascript function defined in an 'onclick' attribute or bound to the link by a statement in script tags in the page header or in a separate javascript file.

    The actual paging behaviour is very likely coded in javascript, making an AJAX call to get the correct content for the panel every time the user clicks on the navigation buttons - it may not be possible to access a particular panel directly without iterating through all previous panels. Unless the javascript has specifically been designed to read URL parameters adding page references to the URL won't work.

    The only way to find out how the paging works is to go through the javascript file(s) referenced by the HTML page - most browsers now have debugging tools which can be used to view the content of javascript files or to view the details of AJAX calls. Most of these tools will show calls to the server which might be useful - If you look at the call to the server made when you click on the navigation buttons the contents of the AJAX call will be revealed. The javascript might be set up to send a page number in the AJAX call.

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