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Thread: Prototype Based scripting languages

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    Prototype Based scripting languages

    What is the basic difference between prototype based and object oriented based languages ,though successful prototype based scripting languages exists why java adopted object oriented approach ?

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    Prototype-based programming is a style of object-oriented programming in which behaviour reuse (known as inheritance) is performed via a process of cloning existing objects that serve as prototypes. This model can also be known as prototypal, prototype-oriented, classless, or instance-based programming. Delegation is the language feature that supports prototype-based programming. In javascript, every object is at the same time instance and class. To do inheritance, you can use any object instance as a prototype.
    In pother languages there are classes and instances, as 2 separated concepts. A class is an entity responsible for creating objects and defining the behaviour of objects. Classes may be objects in their own right, but if they are, they're different from other types of objects.
    Also you can take a look at http://eskimo.io, a boilerplate to quickly develop prototypes.

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