Hello Ladies 'N Gents,

Thanks for taking the time to check out my thread, I think its time a get some feedback from all you lovely people, but first a little about me.

Always had an interest for web design, even back in the days of geocity, excite and lycos (hahaha how many remember those?) i was always trying out and clicking on that damn "free website here" link. Did some hobbyist website back then which i can safely say were very basic. Web design back then was, lets say, boring and hideous; so my sites looked rather standard to the trends at the time.. Alas, the internet has come a long way since then with web design and development trends being refined and enhanced.

Graduated from a Management faculty with a double major in Information Systems and Marketing, woohoo! do i join the the corporate slave trade? Or follow the norm and work at my father's business (He owns a kitchen mnfg brand) Or start another phase of education to get up to speed with the latest and greatest of webdev.

Yup you guessed it; it was back headfirst into xHTML/CSS/JS/PHP/Adobe suite. So i got some clients started working and here i am ~3 years later. My specialty lies in front-end development, but i like being a jack of all trades and a master of none so you'll find me tinkering with many other technologies

The funny thing is my portfolio site isn't 100% finished still. but i have managed to rely on word-of-mouth to string projects with little downtime in between for the past 2 years. I aim to setup my own company soon as a webdev agency but i'm enjoying the freelance perks too much atm.

Here are some of the recent projects that made it to final or close to final stages. feel free to give me any feedback you have. or any questions you might have regarding my sites and/or experience.

www.yonifurniture.com (Dads Business)
www.marinetechegypt.com (first client ever, recently got a discounted redesign. his first site was not up to par)
www.dbmegypt.com (only development, and my first WP experience)
www.3agalmasr.com (e-commerce site, was also a first of its kind)
www.tammenny.com (only front-end)
www.behman.com (only front-end)
www.omarsabet.com (my portfolio 'comingsoon' page, the full one is 80% complete. ill probably tell you the link when its finished tho :-p)

That is enough for now. As expected, some projects didn't make it to the web, some were strictly design work (and ofcouse the client butchered it using a incompetent dev), some were maintenance packages, and a bit of SEO here and there.

I really want to get better still and focus on my strengths, but i noticed staring at your own work for too long dulls your self-critique and thats why i feel more public constructive criticism is in order.

NOTE: be nice, English isn't my mother tongue. mistakes are inevitable :-p