Hi, I'm hoping you can help.

Here's what I want to happen.

There's a hotspot link on a map

When on a computer -
If you hover over the hotspot, some text shows.
However if you click the hotspot, you go straight to a URL.

On a touchscreen -
If you touch the same hotspot some different text shows.
You do not get taken to the URL.

Problem is I can't stop the URL being accessed when tapped on a touchscreen. It is driving me crazy. In theory
should just stop the chain of mouse events taking place but it isn't working. Any ideas? Any help massively appreciated.

Here is the code:

<area shape="poly" href="javascript: void(0);" ontouchStart="preventDefault(); document.getElementById('results').innerHTML = '<p>tablet touched</p>';" onmouseover="document.getElementById('results').innerHTML = '<p>hovering</p>';" onmousedown="window.location='http://www.website.co.uk/';" />