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Thread: Content of Emails Generated by Server

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    Content of Emails Generated by Server

    I've been asked to do a small assignment for a start up company, creating the layout of e-mails for them. However, I haven't received much info from them. And when asking for more info I've received oddball responses. I'm wondering if anyone knows of what type of content should be expected from e-mails sent from the admin, from customer support, etc.

    For example, obviously there should be contact info. Should I have something like copyright, links to the website? Special logos for each type of e-mail? If anyone has examples of these types of e-mails I'd appreciate it.

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    The legal requirements depend upon where the company is domiciled. As a guide only, (I'm not legally qualified) I would suggest that you need:

    1. To identify the legal entity the email is sent on behalf of e.g. XYZ company limited UK registration no. 000000000

    2. A disclaimer: "If you are not the intended recipient..."

    3. Then there are optional things like:
    a) General contact details.
    b) Department specific contact details.
    c) Logos etc. - depending upon the user's requirements.

    Basically I'd suggest you look at a email sent to you (or someone) from an established company and note what information it contains, and particularly the header and footer details.

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