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Thread: Build mobile app or mobile website

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    Its now simpler with using Cross - Platform Mobile App Development. It include PhoneGap, Sencha touch and many other which are helpful to get create app with using Web Technologies.
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    Suppose that there are no universal answer to this question. There are so many aspects that you need to take into account, before making a decision. Here are some questions to help you evaluate, what option you should select in reaching smartphone users:
    What must your app offer, that would differentiate it from a website?
    What is the goal of your mobile presence? If it is brand recognition, consider the options that are free or low-cost for the consumer. If it is another outlet for your services, then consider charging so as not to undercut yourself.
    How can your mobile presence add value to the lives of your customers?
    If choosing to pursue a native app, which phone platform will you initially target and why?
    What are your thoughts on mobile web vs. native mobile apps?
    Which of the above three options do you consider preferable for your business?
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