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Thread: Accurate compass mobile website

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    Accurate compass mobile website


    I want to make a compass in the browser (mobile website, NOT native applicaton). The purpose is that you have a button "Save current location to localstorage" and when you click on that button you save the latitude & longitude of the current location in the localstorage of the browser.

    Then later when you are for example one kilometre from the location saved in the localstorage (for example on a parking) that you have a compass with an arrow headed to the location in your localstorage.

    What I do now is save the location in the localstorage. But I don't now how I can make a compass headed to the location?

    Can somebody help me? Give me some good search terms or know if this is even possible?

    Thanks in advance!

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    you have to take new coords and convert the distance differences to an angle.
    you can use the slope formula to find the x/y movement ratio, and convert that to an angle.
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