Hi all,

I have been handed a rather complex project and could use some help getting started. Here's what I need to do

I am making a web site for a dart league. It needs to track teams, players, scores, and stats. This is the process I need to create for the owners/users:

1) Team captain registers team (Via an online form). Info is: Day they play (monday or tuesday), division, team name, captain, player names and phone numbers.
2) Team name and roster are saved (in a database for each team, within the day and division, if that makes sense), and all info is emailed to the owner.
3) Owner fills out a match report each week (via online form). This contains team win/loss, individual win/loss, all star points, etc. The match report they used to have (which I no access to) had pull down menus to select the team, then menus to select a player once a team was selected. player win/loss was selected by a radio button once players we selected. All stars were typed in text boxes and then calcualted and updated. standings and results were updated based on number of wins on each side.
4) When match report is submitted, I want it to update the standings, win/loss per player, win/loss per team match results and calculate and update all-stars

All info needs to be displayed on the website (in tables?)

The site they gave me to work with is in wordpress. I have decent knowledge of html, css, php, and wordpress. and a basic understanding of working with databases. I just don't want to start off and then end up going in the wrong direction.

So, Can I make the forms in html/php? or should i try to find a wordpress plugin that can do this?

Once I have the info in the databases, can I use it to populate the menus?

Can the all stars be typed in and then calculated and updated (they used type C3 T21, etc, and the point values would be added and updated, but i have no idea how the previous guy did this)

I am thoroughly confused on how to start! Perhaps I am thinking this is much bigger than it is (i hope)! Any help in the right direction is appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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