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Thread: Reusing same window using window.open()

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    Unhappy Reusing same window using window.open()

    I attached sample htm page in which when you click on link it open it will show yahoo.com page, next time when you click same link it will reload yahoo page in same window.

    so in this sample it is reusing same window and not opening new browser window over and over becuase it has code to open yahoo window with windowname,
    window.open('http://www.yahoo.com', 'WinName');

    problem is i have other website url if i put that url instead of yahoo.com in this code, it is opening new browser window over and over again, it seems like when we open window with name WinName and page load that page javascript is changing page name so next time when we open window with name=WinName it does not find any window with this name and open up new window.

    so i need some way so that it should reuse same window even when content of page we are loading is changing window.name and if this is not possible with this way then also tell if any other way exist to achieve this.

    << please change attached txt file extension to htm to run it browser i had to rename it to txt as htm attachment is not allowed"

    Thanks for reading my post....
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