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Thread: 3 CSS issues

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    3 CSS issues

    Hi All,

    Still kind of new to the whole global and reset css stylesheets, so I need some help here. I have two issues.

    1. Textbox border in search box...
      When I render this on my localhost (using IE8), there is no textbox border, which is what my goal is. But when I render this on my web server, it looks like what you see on the page currently. If you look at the CSS, you'll see I've made some attempt at removing the border #inputbox input is the line you're looking for.

    2. Body content going up underneath the header...
      Notice the body content line "This is the main content for the page." It's tucking itself up underneath the header, and I've gone through everything I see and nothing I've tried is working.

    Here's the link: http://webfro.gs/south/kb3/

    Some advice here is greatly appreciated!



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    Just add "border:none;" to "#inputbox input" in your global.css.
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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    What are your thoughts on issue #2? Thanks, Rick!

    PS - I added this for the time being, but it seems there is another setting that's off... I don't think I should have to do this (I put this in the global.css)

    #main_content {
    	margin: 20px;
    	position: relative;
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    I have the Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium 3 (I got it for InDesign and Photoshop) but I've been asked to set up a basic website for someone. I guess I've got the tools - Dreamweaver etc. I'm reasonably intelligent, industrious. Should I go for it or will I be way out of my depth?

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    dream weaver will not just build the site for you. you will still have to learn to code

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