Sorry if this is in the wrong section, please move if needed.
first off I havent got a clue about what I am about to post below,
I am just trying to get some ideas if possible to help out a forum I belong to, so sorry if I sound pretty thick on all of this.
so anyway....

we have a new buggy forum
one of the users runs his own little site and would like to embed photo albums from his site into the buggy forum.
his site is a mixture of PHP and HTML.
all the albums are stand alone HTML objects.
they are running in an iFrame, but that cant be used on the forum because of security the people that run the thing ecommweb say.
they cant think of a way, so I thought I might as well run it past here.
do you have any ideas ?
all the above I dont might as well be made up by harry potter, but any ideas that I might be able to take back would be great.