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Thread: Need to allow user to input time in hh:mm:ss

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    Need to allow user to input time in hh:mm:ss

    I am making a download calculator. For calculating the transfer rate the user needs to enter how long the transfer took to finish, e.g. 00:05:13 (5 minutes and 13 seconds). I do not see any appropriate HTML input elements for this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I like to use 3 separate <input> fields, each 2 characters long. Separate them with colons on the form page, tweak it with CSS to get the desired look, and you can use JavaScript to automatically move the focus to the next field once the preceding field has 2 characters in it. (I'd probably start by searching JQuery and JQuery plug-ins to see if there's already a function designed for this.)

    This way there's no hassling over whether or not the user entered the correct format with the right delimiters in the proper syntax. You just have to verify that each field has a integer value within its allowed range.
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