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    Google web master tool

    Google Webmaster tool plays essential role in SEO. It helps to make the website more search engine friendly. You can view the total chart on your website from the Google webmaster tool. You can also view that on which keyword the traffic is more and according to it how to work on that keyword to make the website more popular. You can also check that how many visits are taken on that particular page and the total time of the user stays on that page.

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    Yes that is true that web master is the key point it gives you detail information about your website and making it much more effective..!

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    Thanks for sharing such a great information, really webmaster is so helpful for google crawler to indexing your site.

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    Google webmaster tool is helpful these days, you have to get direction from Google Webmaster Tool mainly so you have to listen to this first.

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    can u plz guide me how it works properly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawnmichaels View Post
    can u plz guide me how it works properly.
    I would say you would learn a lot of Google Webmaster Tool when you sign up for this and when you link your site, it is helpful for your website errors, you would easy be able to check errors and other requirements.
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