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Thread: How do you get your rank up in Google?

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    How do you get your rank up in Google?

    Please explain How do you get your rank up in Google?

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    To get rank up in Google you need to follow some simple steps:
    Create Good user concentric content which addressing concerns of visitor of your website. During creation of content you must take care of quality and uniqueness of content.
    Follow the best practices prescribed by websmastercentral for design & layout, quality, content and other technical guidelines for making high quality website
    If the website is new get involved in creating community around your topic, start making contribution in forum and blogs in positive manner.
    The best way to earn great links is to creating such content which addresses the problem what user usually encounter. By doing this people appreciate such articles/content and it makes your credibility

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    1. Focus one keyword per page.
    2. Content should be long and based upon your keyword not do repeat a keyword in the same content.
    3. Submit your site in directories it is related to our site and check the page rank of the directories because page rank is important.
    4. Social networking.
    5. Optimize all images and use alt tag for each image.

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    I think you must have Quality Content for Website and timely you should update the content.it would be best for your website.

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    There are free and effective ways that you can perform and apply to your website to get a good ranking. The following are:

    1. Create and write unique and fresh articles.
    2. Social bookmarking
    3. Article submission
    4. Blogging
    5. Blog Commenting
    6. Press Release
    7. Yahoo Answers
    8. Directory Submission
    9. Guest Posting
    10. Video Creation
    11. RSS Submission
    12. Social Media
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    Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic.

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    SEO is one of the best method to rank in Google search engine it include some on page and off page method to rank your website's keywords on top of the Google search result.
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    It all depends on your ability of doing SEO of your website and keyword, today you have to concentrate on content creation mainly.. if you do this,it would help you.
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    Here you have an interesting article in FreakZion:

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