Hello there
So I got fancy box running with my own content in the window instead of just images, they way that I have it set on the home page though the massive amount of txt going into each box with the photo is really adding allot to my index page, I was thinking it would be easier if I could just put the info for each link in maybe a separate .html file or such and within the div I could simply add a link to pull the info from, after trying a "<a href" that was unsuccessful so does anyone have better idea of what I could do and how would the code change from what i have listed below?

thank you!

<a href="#test" class="fancybox"><img src="images/thumbs/image.jpg" width="100" height="100" /></a>

<div id="violent" style="display:none;width:600px;">
Any possible way to place a link to another html file or other source for the info to appear?