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Thread: [RESOLVED] Get a specific list of postcodes with MySQL Like Operator

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Get a specific list of postcodes with MySQL Like Operator

    Hi everyone.

    I have list of postcodes. And what i'm trying to do is get a listing of similar poscodes only.

    My Code:
    PHP Code:
    $postcode1 ereg_replace('[^A-Za-z]'''$postcode);

    SELECT FROM coverparked WHERE postcode LIKE '$postcode1%' ORDER BY postcode 
    So then $postcode1 strips all number from postcode, so for example E16 is strpped down to E only, then using the mysql query i get all the postcodes from database starting with E, problem is that i also get listing of postodes starting with EC, EN ... and i want postcodes sarting with E only.

    Tried some options but i can't get to make it work..

    Can you help me out here please ..

    Thanks a lot in advance in advance.

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    hope the following works for you

    mysql_query("SELECT * FROM coverparked WHERE postcode regexp '^{$postcode1}[0-9]{1,}' ORDER BY postcode");

    also read here http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/...-matching.html
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    Thanks a lot ZABI - works perfect ...

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