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Thread: [RESOLVED] Extra space above menu in safari only

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Extra space above menu in safari only

    Here is what my menu looks like in Firefox, IE, and Chrome: http://ow.ly/kwE2a

    Here is what it looks like in Safari: http://ow.ly/kNa3P

    I can't find the cause of the issue in my CSS.

    Here is a link to the site. It is in maintenance mode right now so you can only see the menu on the page I am linking to. http://ow.ly/kwEx9

    Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Make sure you eliminate the margin and padding on the menu UL:

    ul.menu {margin-top: 0; padding-top: 0;}
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    Thanks for your response! I tried eliminating the margin and padding on every menu-related thing I could think of, and none of it had any effect on the extra spacing shown in Safari.

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