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Thread: Display text alongside jQuery validation container

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    Display text alongside jQuery validation container

    Believe when I say I've tried to find an answer for this.

    Is it possible to have text appear above my container when it is generated and hide when it's not?

    For example:

    Please fix the following errors:
    This field is required.

    		rules: { 
    			FirstName:  { 
    					lettersonly: AtoZ },
    					SecondName: { 
    						lettersonly: AtoZ }
    		messages: { 
    		FirstName:  {
    			required: "Please enter your first name",
    			lettersonly: "Your first name must only contain letters"
    		SecondName: { 
    		required: "Please enter your last name", 
    		lettersonly: "Your last name must only contain letters"
    		RegisterEmail: { 
    		required: "You must enter an email address",
    		email: "invalid email"
    		ConfirmEmail: { 
    		required: "You must confirm the email address",
    		equalTo: "Your email does not match"
    		CreatePassword: { 
    		required: "You must create a new password",
    		rangelength: "The password must be a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 12"
    		RetypePassword: { 
    		required: "You must confirm the password",
    		equalTo: "Password does not match"
    		MaidenName: { 
    		required: "You must answer the security question"
    	errorLabelContainer: "#ErrorBox", 
        wrapper: "li" 

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    you can use regular javascript easily to accomplish in the way you are asking for..

    event signal=>document.getElementById("textOne").style.display = "none"; document.getElementById("textTwo").style.display = "inline";

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