hello, so basically what I am trying to do is add an image and file upload field to an existing form.

i have a database

Field Type Collation Attributes Null Default Extra Action
id int(11) No auto_increment
first varchar(50) latin1_general_ci No
last varchar(50) latin1_general_ci No
phone int(10) No
country varchar(30) latin1_general_ci No
city varchar(30) latin1_general_ci No
age smallint(2) No
gender varchar(40) latin1_general_ci No
image blob BINARY No

and here is the code that i have:

PHP Code:

if (!
'Could not connect: ' mysql_error());
$sql="INSERT INTO person (first, last, phone, country, city, age, gender) VALUES (' $_POST[first] ','$_POST[last]','$_POST[phone]','$_POST[country]','$_POST[city]','$_POST[age]','$_POST[gender]')";

if (!
'Error: ' mysql_error());

if (isset(
$_FILES[$column]) && $_FILES[$column]['size'] > 0) {
$tmpName $_FILES[$column]['tmp_name'];
$fp      fopen($tmpName'r');
$data fread($fpfilesize($tmpName));
$data addslashes($data);

$query "INSERT INTO $table ";
$query .= "($column) VALUES ('$data')";
$results mysql_query($query$link);
"Thank you, Your Image has been uploaded. DONT FORGET  to add the image into your profile! ";
    else {
"No image selected/uploaded. Make sure that you have not exceeded the max file size!";


so what i want is people be able to submit application with an image or file and (store in the database )other people to search the people and the info would be displayed with the info ( get info from database ) is there any way to achieve this
all i need is a few explanations on what to focus on studying to create things like that, real estate websites and such.

is it possible to add this option now?

Thank you