I have spent the last week searching, searching, searching... I have found some, but nothing that I'm looking for. I'm working on this project for our Antique Tractor Club (non-for-profit organization), but if this is done right, may be able to move it over to another organization website also.

I'm looking for a hot or not script with the following criteria...
1. Ranking from 1 to 10
2. Unlimited Categories (not just sex, but I'm looking to do a site for Antique tractors... John Deere, Case, IH, CaseIH, Massey, Ford, etc.... could be 5 categories, could be 20).
3. Top Lists (with pictures) for each category.
4. Overall list (with pictures)
5. Comments for each picture
6. Users being able to create an account and manage all of their pictures.
7. Maybe some ad space for our sponsors of our club.

I have not found a single one yet that works for me. I have also paid for 2 different ones at $30 each, but nothing I was happy with.

Again, please give me suggestions.