I have been doing a remodel on a website and saved the main page until the very last. After looking through everything, I cannot figure out how the person did it.

The image you view is of an art gallery, where the creator tried to make the homepage look just like her gallery. So she wants me to update the wall images to match her gallery. My problem is that I do not have a base, flat image that is just a naked gallery.

Sooo, I either need to be able to just cover the current images with the new ones, or re-create the page.

I look through the image and I can't figure out whether this person used PhotoShop to do this page or used another program. The lighting and shadows of all the image contents are everywhere and look perfect, so I was thinking it was a program he used to do it, or he spent a lot of time in Photoshop...

I need some help! I don't have a clue how this page was made.

thanks for the help in advance!