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Thread: how creat .gif animated image?

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    how creat .gif animated image?

    Hello guys,
    How can i create .gif animated image. its possible with Photoshop or not, please help me and share your suggestion.

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    I can't advise about Photoshop, but I presume that it can output static images in gif format? If so you can animate a set of static gifs using Unfreez (which is a free utility you can find on the internet). The freebie utility is limited because it takes a single frame delay setting, whereas GIFs actually allow a different delay setting for each frame. That is available in Fireworks, but I've even used Unfreez to animate static GIFs created with MS Paint! It's not exactly user friendly, but it can be done!

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    My first animated GIF was created in Macromedia Fireworks circa 2000, After that I used Adobe ImageReady/Photoshop, and have been through several version changes in Photoshop. In CS5 it was Window>Animation, in CS6 it is Window>Timeline. You get a drop-own choice between Create Video Timeline or Create Frame Animation.

    Click the "Create Frame Animation" text to set up first frame. At the bottom of the Timeline choose how many times to loop animation, and below each frame use the drop-down arrow to select how long frame should display.

    Duplicate frame, and turn layers on/off or otherwise alter display for animation.

    I hope to attach screen shots hereto to illustrate the steps.
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