Hi everyone. I hope I can find some help with this or at least a direction to look in.

I have wanted to use this really great jQuery menu I found available in my personal site and it works great. I just found a problem with I realized we can no longer rely on media queries in CSS to reformat the site to load a click activated menu (touch activated) when the browser detects a smaller screen size--the tablets out now are bigger than many laptops!

Here is where the menu came from: http://tympanus.net/codrops/2010/07/...down-box-menu/

I just want to know if there is a best route to take in trying to get this menu to be cross media functional, as in, having touch detection ability and beable load a click menu alternatively.

Should I just figure out how to convert the menu to click activated?
Or, is it easy to install a touch detection PHP code or javascript that would help, and if so, any recommendations?

I know HTML, CSS and enough PHP/mySQL to do some damage but I am still learning Javascript and jQuery. If you'd like to just give a half-detailed reply that's fine. I just need enough to know what direction I should read up on.

For reference I will post the coding in the next post below.